Our Obsession with quality started way back in 1981, when the founder of “Bajaj Appliances Limited” first initiated his project. A man with a vision and zeal to deliver better products, services and a greater Customer Satisfaction.

“People, not profits make a company. So always look for people’s satisfaction at all levels and profits will automatically follow”. That’s what he has taught us all these years.

We always choose to be a Happy Company. “Happiness comes from giving your 100% to whatever you do in Life”.

Core Values







What We Believe

We choose to be a completely transparent company managed by passionate, honest & dedicated professionals who are driven by “Bright Values” philosophy of our company.

Our Directors

B. D Bajaj

B. D Bajaj

Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

Name: B. D Bajaj

Working Experience : 38 years+

Designation:Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

Responsibility : To monitor the Company’s Smooth Functioning and Policy making.

Experience :He initiated his First Project in 1981 by setting a manufacturing unit of Biscuits and Cookies under the brand name of “Bajaj Food Products Limited”. This company was built over 1 acre of land in a prime property in Haryana.

His vision and zeal to deliver Excellent Customer Satisfaction by delivering a great product helped him to establish a Solid and Loyal Customer Base in just 5 years.
After the huge success of his first project, he established 2 more plants in 1986 and 1990 respectively. To cater to the increasing demand and supply requirements, these units were bigger in size and better in technology.

To explore new horizons and scale even greater heights of success, he moved to Delhi in 1995. He established a GLS manufacturing unit in Delhi and his brain child – Brand “BTL” came into existence.

BTL was a runway Success in the Lighting industry. This could be attributed to his brilliant marketing strategy and his focus on providing cutting edge quality products.
He passed on the same zeal for work and values to both his sons.
The Success continued for years to come while he continued to observe and integrate all the changes in the lighting Industry from GLS lamps to LED Lamps.

He sanctioned and invested in the proposal of Diversification in Led TV, Appliances and other Consumer Durables product bought to him by his elder son.

From 2013, a new era of growth started with the vision to give India the next Big brand in Consumer Electronics. Since then, our approach has been increasingly organized and systematic in its methods and execution.

This was done with the vision to build and sustain a brand that symbolizes Trust with BTL.

Under his guidance as Managing Director, our Company continues to expand and scale new heights of success every year.

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Naveen Bajaj

Naveen Bajaj

Co Founder ,Director-“Sales &Marketing” & C.E.O

Name: Naveen Bajaj

Working Experience : 18Years +

Designation: Co-founder, Director-“Sales &Marketing” & C.E.O

Responsibility : Implementation of Policies and Providing the Vision for Brand Building.

Experience:He joined the business at the age of 18 to gain an early hand experience of the family trade while he still pursued his graduation. He began by helping his father with the manufacturing unit and went on to help the company grow and expand further by entering new horizons. In 2005, our company launched CFL lamps with improved and sharper brand strategy under his guidelines.
For years, he studied the market trends closely along with maintaining awareness and gaining further insights from the functioning of other national companies. Finally, when the time was right he took the initiative to revamp and launch the BTL brand at national level with a bigger platform to cater to the Pan Indian market.

Earlier, we focused primarily on providing Lighting solutions but under his guidance, the following divisions were added to the Company –

  • Lighting
  • Coolers
  • LED TV
  • Washing Machines
  • Water Heaters

Under his leadership, the Company operates in a completely professional manner to represent itself as one of the most trusted and transparent Brand of India.
As a CEO, he has earned the Trust of Consumers, Channel Partners, Employees and Board of Directors.
The Company is expecting 200% growth in Next financial Year.

Prince Bajaj

Prince Bajaj

Director- Purchase & R&D

Name: Prince Bajaj

Working Experience: 10 Years+

Designation: Director- Purchase & R&D

Responsibility : Purchase, Innovation & Quality

Experience:He joined the business at the age of 25 after finishing his graduation and experimenting with different projects apart from the family business. At present, he is completely focused on Purchase and Quality which is the backbone of any company.

Under his guidance, our company launched various products ranging from Air Coolers, Water Heaters to as varied as Led TV’s. Furthermore, under his Vision and Leadership, the company has succeeded in providing Excellent Quality and Remarkable Customer Service to our channel partners and customers alike.

He is famous for his perfection in whatever he does. With him on Company‘s side, the most important aspect of a business, “the Product” is in the right hands.

He is a True Leader who works day and night with other directors to achieve the goals set by our Managing Director.

Business Area

What We Do

Being in the industry for the past 26 years has given us the advantage of knowing the Indian market and customer from the core. With a network in more than 12 states and growing, a complete range of home appliances, lighting products and fans to cater the ever growing needs of the Indian market and a transparent business module with a spirit to establish a pan India network, we have grown in leaps and bounds for the past 23 years and have always been confidently looking forward to give an unmatched quality and service to our invaluable customer base.