5 Dimensions Quality Control

Panel Check

Ensure The Panel Is Zero White And Black Dot.

Ensure that Panel used is of the highest quality. A+ Grade panel with Zero White & Black Dots are thoroughly checked to give you the Best Quality Display for your entertainment.

hardware check

Speakers, Mother Board, Power Supply, Wires Check

All electric parts gets through various Quality processes to ensure that there is no failure while you enjoying watching your Favorite Channels.

function test

Power ON/ OFF, Volume, Port Test, WiFi, Screen Sharing etc. Check

We synchronize Speakers with inbuilt software to give you Best Quality sound and experience. Other ports are rigorously checked to give you uninterrupted experience.

Aesthetic Check

Zero Scratches, Stickers, Printing Quality Check

Ensuing that product Looks Beautiful & add to the Beauty of your Home.Display for your entertainment.

shipping test

Drop Test , Packaging , Quality Test, Ribbon Applied Etc.

Various Tests are done to ensure that product reaches the end Customers Safely and in the Best Shape.